• About Christians Online

ChristiansOnline.com.au is an effort to bring together not only churches in Australia, but more importantly Christian people. We hope and pray that working together as an online Christian Community will help us all to reach out to Christians, as well as non-Christians and spread the word of God.

The web site was launched on 1 September 2001 after much thought and development by an excellent web development team.

Christians Online was built in an effort to create a central location for all single Christians, regardless of their denomination, to communicate and meet each other online. Christians Online provides the functionality enabling communication via our Christians Online Blog, live chat and personal messages.

Our Blog contains some excellent sections including:

  • Local Christian Events
  • Christian Friends
  • Christian Dating tips and advice
  • Christian News & Articles

We have been able to call on our resources available to ensure the success of this Christian site thus far.

Take care and God Bless,

The Christians Online Team!